25 Ways To Cut Costs on a Road Trip


An impromptu road trip can sound exciting and spontaneous.  

While a road trip can be a low-cost way to travel, keeping expenses in check often means deciding where you want to go, the vehicle you'll take, where you'll be stopping on the road trip, and your overall budget.

25 Ways To Cut Costs on a Road Trip

If you choose cars to take, go with one that is large enough to be comfortable and gives you the best gas mileage.

1. Choosing a Fuel-efficient Car

This cautionary measure can help you save money in two ways. For one, you'll be less likely to get pulled over and slapped with an expensive speeding ticket.

2. Driving at or Below the Speed Limit

For another, observing the speed limit can actually reduce your gas consumption. In fact, you can save 17 cents a gallon on highways for every five miles per hour you slow down.

You can also cut your gas costs by placing items inside the car or trunk rather than piling them on your roof.

3. Packing Your Car Wisely

This move can increase your fuel economy by as much as eight percent in city driving and up to 25 percent on highways by reducing drag. If you're out of room in the car, using a rear-mounted cargo box or tray instead of a roof rack can improve your fuel economy by up to 12 percent.

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