29 Business Ideas for Teens To Make Money This Year

In 2023, there will be more opportunities than ever to start your own business. Starting a company used to require significant upfront investment and a staff of employees.

When considering our list of business ideas for teens to start, we wanted to ensure we provided ideas that require little to no investment up front (we understand your teens don't have any money!) but with massive earnings potential on the backend.

Without further ado, here are our top business ideas for teens to start in 2023. First-time entrepreneurs understand that creating a sustainable business takes time, effort, and a little bit of luck.

Playing video games used to be a hobby, nothing more. Today, the gaming industry allows you to turn your digital talents into a thriving small business.


People like to travel, which leaves them with the constant question of what to do with their pets. Ask your friends and family to use you to watch their pets while they are away.

Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

Everyone likes a clean house, but no one wants to clean. People will pay big bucks for a clean house and usually like to have the house cleaned every week or two, which means recurring revenue.


Anytime you solve a problem, there is an opportunity to make money. Most people would love you to help them with their errands when they need more time to finish everything.

Run Errands

This one is obvious. Have a leaf removal business in the fall, snow removal in the winter, mulching in the spring, and mowing some yards in the summer. The best part about this business is the opportunity to make money year-round from the same clients repeatedly.

Seasonal Chores

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