3 Green Flags You Absolutely Want to Hear In an Interview

I’ve been in many interviews at this point in my career – on both sides of the conversation. As a job seeker, I know the anxiety of trying to read people’s poker faces and figure out if the interview is going well. 

And, like most people, I’ve had interviews that I felt went really well – and then didn’t get the job. 

As an interviewer, I have to be conscious about making people comfortable and asking the right questions to help figure out if the person I’m talking to is the right person to fill the position I have open. 

Luckily, there are some key ways — aka “green flags” — to look out for to know if an interview is going well. 

The interview feels more like a conversation than a Q & A

The best interviews I’ve ever been in – as a job applicant, or as an interviewer – felt like the kind of conversation I’d have with someone over lunch, or at a particularly great networking event. 

You’re shown your potential future workspace or are introduced to potential coworkers/higher-ups in the company

This is more common on a second (or later) interview than the first, but if this happens – either as a planned part of the interview, or spontaneously – it’s a good sign the interviewer(s) think you may be right for the role, and want you to see more of the organization, so everyone (including you!) can make sure goals, personalities, and expectations are in alignment.