3 Ways to Make Your Manager See You as More Productive

According to a survey conducted by Jose Maria Barrero of the Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology, nearly six out of 10 workers found that they were more productive working remotely than they previously expected. 

This is consistent with a considerable amount of research on the topic of work-from-home productivity 

But even if you know you’re being productive from your home office or local coffee shop, how can you show that to your boss? 

Be Responsive

One important way to show that you’re involved in your work is to be reachable. You should have your work email open at all times. 

Offer regular updates on responsibilities and project progress with some frequency. Your manager may be concerned about the state of your team’s work, and without being able to ask you in person.

Offer Update

Demonstrate Engagement

There will be times when you’re expected to be “on,” such as during video meetings. While you may find them exhausting, use them as an opportunity to demonstrate your productivity and engagement. 

You may be extremely productive all day, every day, but without assessing your progress in a face-to-face environment, your boss doesn’t know that. No one said remote work was a breeze — not only do you need to actually do your job, but you must continue to prove your value. 

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