30 Game-Changing Start-ups Funded by Serena William

 If you’re a female small business owner seeking funding, you know first hand that you’re not playing on the same court.  That's why Serena Williams is not only speaking out about underrepresentations in Silicon Valley but is putting her money where her mouth is.  


Andela is solving global engineering staffing challenges by connecting 77,000 engineers from 60 countries with companies in need. People are no longer limited to the job opportunities in their town, region, or country.


Billie is a grooming subscription service that puts women, their preferences, and needs at the forefront of shaving and simple beauty. 


If you have more than one digital wallet for your various cryptocurrencies, you need an all in one solution to track performance.  CoinTracker gives you a tool for a fuller read on your investment gains. 

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is a food delivery company that focuses on organic, thoughtfully sourced fruits and vegetables.

Every Mother

Every Mother is the only program clinically proven to resolve diastasis recti. This at-home workout solution fits into a busy new mom's schedule in the comfort of her own home.