35 Best Passive Income Ideas to Make Money in 2023


Making money while you sleep has a beautiful ring, and that's the idea behind passive income. 

Most people think of income as something they must trade their time for, like going to work for a day and then collecting a paycheck. However, passive income is money you earn even when you're not working.

8 Truly Passive Income Idea

Alternative assets, or alternative investments, are often headline news. Because traditional investments like stocks and real estate are often volatile, and savings accounts only offer low-interest rates, people are looking for other options.

1. Alternative Asset

Some popular alternative investments include hedge funds, private equity, crowdfunded real estate investments, etc.

Utilizing real estate is a great way to turn your property into rental income. Airbnb and similar services have revolutionized where people stay when they travel.

2. Rent Your Apartment or House

And it has opened up serious passive income doors. Unsure how much money you can make? Simply log on to a site and check out what your market looks like. Granted, you've still got to ask yourself: is this money worth the effort?

Companies like Turo and GetAround make it easier than ever to rent out your car when you aren't using it. Of course, renting out your car will mean additional wear and tear on your vehicle, so your repair bills might increase.

3. Renting Your Car

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