39 of the Best Side Hustles to Make Money


Finding a profitable side hustle, side jobs, side gigs, moonlighting, freelance jobs – whatever you call them- is a good way to earn some extra cash aside from your full-time job. 

Regardless of why you need a side hustle, the simple truth is that not all side hustles are created the same.   We've compiled this massive list of some of the best side hustles so you can find which option, or options, are the best fit.

Best Side Hustle Ideas

Getting paid to play games on your smartphone sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, it's a good side hustle that you can start immediately with Mistplay, all you need in an Android phone.

1. Mistplay

Making money on Mistplay is as easy as downloading the app, playing games, earning Mistplay units, and cashing out free gift cards.

Download this free app from the Apple app store and make money playing this fun bubble shooting game. In order to make actual money playing Bubble Cash, you must make a cash deposit.

2. Bubble Cash

This allows you to enter paid tournaments where you can win real cash prizes. Spend three minutes matching and popping the same color bubbles. The top three scores are winners in this addictive game!

Test your classic Solitaire skills in this fun race against the clock. You have five minutes to solve this skill-based game and score in the top three to win a prize.

3. Solitaire Cash

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