These Phrases Show that the Employer is a Great Place to Work

There’s a lot of focus on the negative signs when it comes to reading a company in an interview. No one wants to end up in a toxic workplace, after all.

But how do you know if an organization is actually worth your time and energy? How can you spot the signs of a good culture, strong benefits, and an overall positive environment?

These phrases — ones you might be missing or overlooking — offer an indication that the employer is a great place to work.

“Reverse performance reviews.”

This is the type of organization you want to join — a place that can appreciate what you have to say, no matter what your role or position.

“Sense of curiosity.”

Companies that value an innovative spirit and a sense of curiosity in their employees probably aren’t looking for cogs.

Instead, they want inspired, creative individuals — like you — who will contribute ideas and make meaningful change.

“Work from anywhere.”

If the company DOES enable employees to work from anywhere, that’s a perk that will help you, even if you choose to work in the office at certain points.

The flexibility is key — there’s an understanding on the employer’s part that people enjoy a better work-life balance when they don’t have to be stuck in the office all day.

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