4 Toxic Traits All Bad Bosses Have in Common

No two bad bosses are exactly alike. Maybe one’s a sneaky friend who gaslights you; maybe another’s completely absent until they’re giving you negative feedback. Yet there are some toxic traits that all bad bosses have that make them, well, pretty bad.

Here are five red flags bad bosses have in common—and what to do if your manager has them.

1. They Don’t Support You

A boss’ main purpose is to support you in your role. If they’re not adequately setting you up to achieve—whether that’s by hitting certain quotas or finishing a project—they’re a bad boss.

2. They Don’t Care About Your Career Goal

A boss doesn’t need to be passionate about your five-year plan to be a great boss, but a good boss should care about your career goals beyond your day-to-day work.

3. They Don’t Care About You as a Person

There should never be an obligation for you to share personal information with your boss or for your boss to share personal information with you. 

4. They Don’t Give You Feedback Until It’s Too Late

Getting regular feedback from your manager is essential, even when it’s informal. Knowing where you stand is crucial to your success in your role; it’s never fun to get a surprisingly negative performance review when no one told you anything was wrong.