The 16 Best Part-time Jobs to Consider in 2023

For many, the start of a new year marks a time when we set goals for better health, wealth, and happiness. 

Earning additional income will make reaching financial goals more accessible. And perhaps the most tried and true way to make more money is by landing a side hustle. Keep reading to explore options to earn extra cash.

The 16 Best Part-time Jobs for 2023

If you’re interested in keeping fit and making extra money simultaneously, becoming a fitness instructor is a great opportunity.

1. Work as a Fitness Instructor

A fitness instructor can teach yoga, body pump, Pilates classes, and more. The average pay is around $18/hour. Flexibility means managing other commitments is easier.

Taking care of other people’s pets can be incredibly fulfilling.  As a dog walker, you can make pretty good money starting at $15 per hour. You could also earn $40 per day or more as a pet sitter (if you stay the night).

2. Dog Walker

The hours are flexible since you can choose your clients and your availability. So while this isn't always a work-from-home job, it is something that you can decide when you’re available.

If you enjoy driving and have a car, why not become a delivery driver? There are options to deliver food or drive people around to their destinations.

3. Delivery Driver (People and Food)

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