40+ Things You Can Sell To Make Extra Money Right Now

Making money can be easier than ever before with modern technology. It used to be that a yard sale or a pawn shop was the only way to sell stuff.

Lucky for you, times have changed. Want to generate extra money? Here are some things that you can sell to make extra money right now.

With social media and a computer, you have several options to generate extra cash without leaving your house. 

That's right, garbage. You can sell some things that you would usually throw away on eBay.  Empty toilet paper and paper towel tubes are in demand for craft projects. Shoe and jewelry boxes that are empty sell as well as Birchboxes and baseball card boxes.


Video games are a massive business around the world. Everyone loves to play video games, and most people have plenty of old consoles that they no longer use in their homes.

Video Games and Disks

Do you love beauty products? Do you have makeup that you’ve never used, or used very little? Then you might want to check out Glambot.com! You can sell your new or pre-owned products, including samples and makeup tools.


Sell your pictures to a photography website such as Istockphoto and Shutterstock. These sites give you a platform to sell your photos for either a flat fee or a percentage of each one sold to a client.


If you have a garden, you could sell vegetables at a farmers market or homemade pies. Don’t have room for a garden?  It only takes two weeks and a small room to grow some tiny vegetables and herbs known as Microgreens.


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