The 5 Best Money-Saving Apps That Work Hard So You Don’t Have To

Saving money is a lot like eating your leafy greens regularly or flossing your teeth every day. You know it's important, yet you're probably not spending much time or thought on it.

If you're not making consistent contributions to your savings account, your long-term goals will end up suffering. Big and small financial goals are important so that you can save for emergencies, retirement, vacations, holidays, etc.

And that's what the best money-saving apps help you do. It's not always easy to save, but thanks to technology, there are incredible apps out there that do all the hard work for you.


For all the people who want to sit back and not think about your savings account, Digit is for you. With zero effort on your part, even non-serious savers can save a serious chunk of change.

Qapital transfers cash to savings for you by turning your everyday activities into savings opportunities. It's effortless, motivating, and honestly even a little fun!


Acorn not only focuses on saving but also smart investing. The app rounds up every purchase you make to the nearest dollar and automatically saves the difference. It then invests that money in a low-cost exchange-traded fund or ETF.


If you're looking to grow your savings quicker than the average person, Varo is a mobile banking app that can help. With Varo, you can open an online checking and savings account that pays more than 19 times the average APY on savings accounts.



If you're looking for a way to invest your money without having to put in a lot of work, Stash is a great option. All you need is your phone and $5 to start. The app offers all the tools you need to make investing a totally passive activity.

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