5 Doctor-Designed Exercises You Can Do With Just Your Suitcase

In 2021 there were 300 million stays in Airbnb properties alone, with 20 percent of those stays for one month or longer.

Most hotels today have a gym for guests. But how can you continue to work out while traveling when you're not staying at a hotel? Whether you're a digital nomad without a gym membership, are on an extended workcation with your family, or traveling for weeks at a time, you already have the supplies on hand to work out.

Did you know that breaks, even small ones, can turn back the time on your workout progress? According to a University of Copenhagen study, two weeks of skipping exercising can cause a significant loss of muscle strength, even for physically fit people.

What Happens When You Take a Break From Exercise?

Whether you're in home-like vacation accommodations or prefer to exercise while social distancing, it is possible to work out with just your suitcase.

30 Minute Strength Training Circuit: 5 Exercise

Grab the suitcase in one hand, and pick it up by the handle either vertically or horizontally, so the wheels are off the ground.

Suitcase Carry

Take your suitcase and place it on your arms, with your palms up. Keep your arms at a 90-degree angle without letting your arms fall.

The Zercher Hold Squat

Lay on the ground with your knees bent and the suitcase directly next to you. Then, tip the bag over onto your palms and let your arms bend all the way to the floor, pulling your shoulder blades back and down.

Suitcase Floor Pre

Suitcase Single Arm Row

Take your suitcase and lay it on its side so the strap faces up towards you. Then, put one arm on the bed and the other dangling down towards the luggage. Reach down and grab the strap on the side of the bag.

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