5 Financial Tips To Help You Finally Prioritize Your Mental Health This Year

Many feel anxious because they feel unprepared for an uncertain future.

Grant Bledsoe, CFA, CFP encourages having a plan in place that reports on your current financial situation, articulates [your] objectives, and maps a path to achieve them. This plan truly reduces stress. 

Here are a few quick things you should do. 

Begin Tracking Your Expenses

You can use an expense tracking smartphone app like Mint or You Need A Budget to track everything automatically. 

Organize Your Monthly Expenses

Knowing how much your fixed and variable expenses are will help you clarify what positive changes you need to make to manage your money. 

Identify Your Irregular Expenses

Monthly expenses only tell a part of the story. What about birthdays, anniversaries, and the holiday season? You will eliminate financial stress when you begin handling money proactively instead of reactively.