5 Horror Film Franchises That Were Great But Got Much Worse

Do you believe any scary movie franchises started tremendously but needed to stop adding to the series forever ago? 

Redditor u/KungPowChicken23 asked, “What horror franchises do you think got progressively worse with each entry?”

Reddit voted these top franchises as getting worse with each new film. 

BlastUpYour shouted, “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY! One is clearly the best, but I like “The Marked Ones” better because It was pretty funny.” Redditor fries_in_a_cup volunteered, “Man Marked Ones actively made the first movie less scary.”

Paranormal Activity – 8 Films

Amiable_Pariah voted, “Hands down, the 15+ installments to the Puppet Master franchise. It has more movies than every other franchise, but they each get slightly worse.”

Puppet Master – 15 Films

The_night_lurker voted, “Psycho. I haven't seen the fourth one, but I'd go with Psycho, Psycho 2, Psycho 3, then the remake.”

Psycho – 6 Movies and a TV Series

Abdrews-PaulIM voted, “I Know What You Did Last Summer. The first one is solid, the second is somewhat dumb, and I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer is trash.”

I Know What You Did Last Summer – 3 Movies and a TV Series

They continued, “The first one that comes to mind is Sleepaway Camp. I'd rank the franchise from best to worst 1>2>3>4.  Another one is Candyman. I'd rank the series one>2>3.” PekoPekoPekoPekoyama stated, “Two is the best movie in the franchise, but it is all downhill from there.”

Wrong Turn – 6 Films and 1 Reboot

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