5 Money and Life Tips for Near-Retiree

Not wanting to limit this to my own ideas, I asked three other top finance writers on Medium for their best tips for people in their 60s and 70s, who are hopefully about to retire.

Solid Tips for Near-Retiree

If you’re still working and want to retire soon, try transitioning into it by reducing your work from full-time to half-time for a few years, then down to 25% for a few more years. Then, keep it at that level or stop altogether, as you prefer.

Tip 1

My second tip is to find something you enjoy doing, that you can do for a long time, and that brings in at least some money. 

Tip 2

Focus on investments that generate income so you don’t have to sell assets to survive. If you aren’t in good financial shape, you may have to continue working in some form or fashion to support your investment income until it can support you.

Tip 3

Focus on the things and people that make you happy. You’ve already done the work, now enjoy yourself. The obvious caveat would be to complete your estate planning.

Tip 4