5 Money Goals You Should Start In February, According to Experts

New year's resolutions, in many cases, are not effective. According to research by Sundried, 43% of people expect to abandon their New Years’ goals by February. 

Starting your Money Goals for 2022 in February, after being paid for the first time since Christmas, might be the solution to achieving them. 

Experts say it’s better to start some money goals in February. Here are five money goals they recommend: 

Make a Budget and Stick to it

Whether you live paycheck to paycheck or have plenty of money to put into your savings, it is essential to set a budget. Doing so allows you to exercise discipline in terms of spending. 

Audit Monthly Bills

Paying for extra services is a waste of money, and plugging these budget leaks can give you more money to spend on things that matter. 

Pay off Credit Card Debt

If you can’t afford to pay it off entirely, decide on a significant amount that will make it easier to completely settle it in the upcoming months.