5 Money Lessons Learned from Playing Final Fantasy Game

I’ll never forget the first time I played a Final Fantasy game. I was about eight-years-old and was spending the night at a friend’s house.

 Here are 5 money lessons that I learned from playing Final Fantasy games:

More Stuff Isn’t Always Better.

Having more stuff, whether in a game or real life, causes micro stress because we have to manage it. It creates disorganization, and for someone like me, that in itself is stressful. 

Have a Plan For Your Money 

Final Fantasy games may have been my first opportunity to manage expenses, even in a virtual world. I learned that I couldn’t always buy the shiny new weapon or item because sometimes I needed to save money for later on in the game.

Video Game Spending Habits Foreshadow Real Life Spending Habit

Even in video games, I was never one to spend all of my money. What if I needed extra potions for that next battle? What if there was a key item that was required to advance in the game? 

Spend Money (Gil) on Experiences 

Even in the virtual world, I always enjoyed spending money on an experience compared to fringe items. Sure, we all need our cure potions, Phoenix downs, and weapon improvements. Just like in real life, we need to spend money on gas and groceries.