5 New Game Studios That Are Worth Checking Out

Of the mainstream forms of media, video games are by far the youngest.  However, that has not prevented the industry from exploding in a plethora of diverse ways.

There are tons of new studios popping up, and there are new developers entering the industry and creating their first games on a near-daily basis.

The video game industry thrives on new talent and studios to bring new ideas and games to players worldwide. Thus, today we will look at 5 new studios that players should pay attention to going into the future.

Humanoid Studios

Humanoid Studios. Humanoid Studios was founded in the summer of last year following Hudson’s second departure from BioWare in December 2020.

For those unaware, Casey Hudson is the co-creator of the Mass Effect series and led the series as creative director for the first three games. Now, Hudson and his new team are taking his learnings from the Mass Effect series and applying them to a game.

Haven Studios

Haven Studios was first formed just a few short months after Raymond left Stadia Games and Google at the beginning of last year.

The announcement of the studio also came alongside the announcement that they would be partnering with PlayStation for their first game. It has come to light that the studio is currently working on a live service style of game.

The Initiative

The Initiative is Microsoft’s newest first-party studio in terms of a brand new studio being opened when compared to their recent new first-party studios being acquired by the company. 

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