5 New Netflix Movies to Watch this Weekend

By now, it’s known that powerhouse streaming service Netflix has content for just about everyone—from romantic comedies and documentaries to action thrillers and international films.

Netflix—which over the years has become synonymous with the term “binge-watching”—released its first original series, “House of Cards,” in 2013. 

Netflix plans to spend $19 billion on original content in 2022, and it plans to release 61 English-speaking, live-action films.

Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood In “Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood,” writer and director Richard Linklater takes an animated look at his childhood in Houston during the historic 1969 NASA moon landing

Return to Space

If you’re an Elon Musk fan, you may enjoy the “Return to Space” documentary that’s been said to be a two-hour endorsement of the multibillionaire. 

Dancing on Glass The Spanish film “Dancing on Glass” is about the struggle of two ballet dancers as they maneuver their dance careers and personal lives while sharing a special bond. 

Yaksha: Ruthless Operation

“Yaksha: Ruthless Operations,” starring Park Hae-soo—known for his role in “Squid Game”—and Sol Kyung-gu, follows the story of a prosecutor who inspects a black ops unit in China.

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