5 of The Best Cowboy Bebop Anime Episode

If Quentin Tarantino made a 12-hour long space-themed bounty hunter movie, it would probably look a lot like the classic 1998 anime, Cowboy Bebop.

Readers of a certain age may remember the former late-night anime curiosity-turned-classic as something that roused them to sudden consciousness if they fell asleep on a Friday or Saturday night with the TV on. 

Cowboy Bebop, whose original manga was written by Hajime Hatate and whose anime was directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, has long been recognized as one of the greatest anime series of all time. 

A Beloved Manga

This series pushes the pace with a flurry of wild gunplay and Spike’s insane freestyle martial arts, all while preparing audiences for exactly what they’ll get throughout the series: wild adventures with a smoothly-written cast of characters who aren’t afraid to throw down in a not-so-distant future, all set to an amazing soundtrack.

1. Session 1: Asteroid Blue

Bloody gunplay and fiery explosions abound in this no-holds-barred fight to the death between Spiegel and this ghost from his past.

2. Session 5: Ballad of Fallen Angel

It’s just a plain old mystery and a fun, engaging palate cleanser to prepare viewers for the heavier episodes to come.

3. Session 11: Toys in the Attic