5 Ways To Spice Up Your Daily Grind

Only 50 percent of people actually look forward to work. Recently, many people are saying no to hustle culture and embracing quiet quitting.

While it's usual to not want to work, there are some tasks that are so boring that you keep putting them off, till eventually, days have gone by and you realize that they are yet to be done.

You're not alone in this, trust me. And in case you find yourself in such a position again, here are a few helpful tips. 

“A boring task can be exciting for me when I see it as training for my mind, to have patience and focus for the present. For example when I do my dishes, I appreciate the fact that I am cleaning after myself."

See It as an Exercise

"It gives me the time to think about the products I was using to clean, how much waste there was and how I might want to change some of my habits to make lifestyle improvements but also what and how I'll be cooking my next meal.”

“Start with a SUPER small piece of the task. If I'm to do the dishes, step one can be like ‘lift left leg from sofa to floor'. After doing the 10 or so first TINY subtasks I start to feel a sense of accomplishment and hunger for more."

Start Small

“If you define a certain task boring, it will be boring. Finding excitement when you attached a boring connotation to an activity is extremely hard. For me, excitation resides in finding higher purpose in everything that you do.”

Find a Higher Purpose

“Associate the completion of the task with a small reward, say a small piece of chocolate after getting the dishes done. So there’s something you look forward to when you are doing the dishes.”

Focus on The End Result

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