Doing These 5 Unpopular Things Will Make You Richer in 2023

I retired in my mid-30s after a 14-year career in information technology. I didn’t own my own business. I didn’t win the lottery. No inheritance, either.

I built wealth by doing the things that seem unpopular but are crucial to building wealth. These techniques may not be comfortable, but they work.

Use these five unpopular techniques to have a more prosperous 2023.

Over my career, I changed jobs every three to four years, and each time I got a 15 to 20% raise. This is far beyond the typical 3 or 4% cost-of-living raises most people receive.

Switch Companies.

This money-making technique isn’t unique to me. In fact, one study shows the typical job switcher gets a 10% boost in pay, which is still much bigger than those cost-of-living raises.

It’s no surprise that the news is built around negativity. The more we watch the news, the more we believe the sky is falling. But here’s the truth: the sky isn’t falling.

Stop Watching the News.

The sky is still blue. Businesses are operating. Trains are running. Despite what you hear on your evening news, the world continues to turn as it always has. News travels faster today, but that doesn’t mean the world, and everything in it, is a mess.

It is true that people who spend time creating instead of consuming earn substantially more money over their lives. But that doesn’t mean we need to spend every spare moment hustling for the almighty paycheck.

Stop the 24/7 Hustle.

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