5 Warning Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Many people don’t fall into the stereotypical extremes of social/normal drinking vs. problematic/alcoholic drinking. Instead, individuals who consume alcohol can fall on a broad spectrum.

Whether you know your drinking is out of control or you’re not quite sure, here are five warning signs of problem drinking to look out for.

You Hide Your Drinking From Others

For example, it can literally mean hiding bottles of alcohol in a closet or the garage, secretly imbibing so that your family members can’t see you.

Say your friends typically order a drink or two, and you don’t want to appear to be an alcoholic at dinner by drinking more than them. So maybe you “pregame it and drink at home or another bar before dinner.

You’re in Denial With Yourself About How Much You’re Really Drinking

Denial allows a person to maintain their drinking despite its negative consequences.

What’s more, individuals may justify the amount of alcohol they consumed with rationales such as, ‘It is a special occasion,’ ‘I didn’t act drunk,’ ‘I wasn’t driving,’ ‘Everyone else around me had the same amount,’ or ‘I didn’t drink all week.'

You’re Experiencing Frequent Blackouts

Blackouts are lapses in a person’s memory that occur while intoxicated. For example, somebody might drink heavily at dinner, wake up in the morning, and not remember what they are.

They may only recall parts of the dinner conversation, or perhaps none at all. They may not even remember how they got home.

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