5 Ways To Survive at Work When Everything’s in Limbo

The COVID-19 Omicron surge has put companies and their employees in limbo. 

Employers are changing their back-to-office plans: some are putting them on hold or even scrapping making plans altogether. The future of work is blurry, both physically and logistically. It’s hard to forecast exactly what work will look like in the next five years — or even the next one. 

Here’s how to survive at work when everything’s in limbo, to ensure you’re giving yourself grace no matter what unexpected thing comes your way. 

Focus on what have vs. what you don’t have.

It can be easy to focus on everything we’re missing. But practicing gratitude for what we do have can improve our mental health, relationships, optimism and even boost our immune system. 

Micro-plan ahead.

“Micro-planning” either can mean planning for just a few days ahead — like making weekend plans on a Thursday — or making a small, controlled plan you know will bring you joy. 

Lean on others when you need it.

Maybe that means reaching out to a coworker or being honest with your boss about your workload or other aspects of your job.  Maybe it’s reaching out to a friend or relative to talk about what’s going on in your professional life.