6 Critical Things You Need to Know Before You Quit

Every discontented worker has fantasized about quitting in a dramatic fashion. Some imagine telling off their boss in vivid detail with blade-sharp wit. Others think about taking the chance to roast them mercilessly at a moment they’re feeling smugly self-secured. 

Hopefully, your quitting experiences are more graceful than the rage-quitting daydreams. If you’re planning to quit a job here are just a few know-before-you-go tips to make the jump go more smoothly and ensure a safe landing. If you are starting a new job, skip to tip 3. 

Know how you’re going to decompress after you quit.

If able to, take two to three weeks to decompress. During that time, visit local attractions, take day trips, hike with long-lost friends, and resume hobbies. Do whatever you need to do to feel like yourself again, but have a timeline in mind for when to get serious about planning your next move. 

Know how you’ll spend your time after you’ve had two to three weeks just to decompress.

If there isn’t a new job lined up, I’m assuming you’re: planning to find a new job; starting a new business; spending some time traveling or sinking into a deep project like writing a book; or opting to spend time as a caregiver for a child or other loved one. 

Know where everything is to update your resume.

Collect documents that list details of accomplishments from your current role, including metrics and details about projects you plan to reference. Print or digital collateral that references these achievements. 

Know who you want to keep in touch with.

Start a spreadsheet of key contacts to record email addresses and phone numbers and (yes, really) mailing addresses. While you’re at it, ask people you respect how you could have done your job better. This is tough, I know, but necessary for growth.