6 Red Flags Job Seekers Need to Watch Out For During the 2022 Hiring Boom

We’re in the middle of a Great Resignation. For job seekers, that means they should have their choice of roles. 

And in many cases, they do — today’s job market is in the candidate’s favor, not that of the employer. 

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of red flags out there — one's job seekers must have on their radar if they want to land the ideal job, not just any job. Here are six of them to look out for. 

Unreasonable expectations.

It’s normal to see a list of qualifications in a job description — that’s partly how job seekers gauge whether the role is right for them. 

However, when you see an extensive laundry list of expectations that don’t seem appropriately aligned to the particular role and level, that’s cause for concern. 

An overly long hiring process.

In today’s market, employers can’t afford to frustrate candidates by seemingly keeping them on ice while they string out the hiring process.