6 Stories of Everyday Ukrainian Bloggers

“We're still alive.”

This is the text Lisa, a Ukrainian mom blogger, received a few days ago from a friend in a city under siege in southern Ukraine.

Her Instagram feed documents the stark reality of living in Ukraine, checking in daily with friends and family in other parts of the country. Across the world, people have united in support of Ukraine.

Many are booking Airbnbs to quickly get money to local hosts with no intention of staying.

Others have donated crypto directly to the Ukrainian government, with reports they have raised more than $54 million as of this writing.

The lives of average, everyday bloggers in Ukraine have been upended. Here are a few of their stories and how you can lend your support as they fight for the survival of their country and peaceful way of life.

The Moments at Home

Lisa, a wife and mom of eight, moved from the U.S. to Ukraine, where her family now lives and works.

She started her blog, The Moments at Home, to help other moms “find support as you build your intentional family culture, manage your home, and do fun things with your kids.”

A few weeks ago, she was writing posts to prepare for family activity ideas for St. Patrick's Day. Now, she is working with an organization to shelter and feed hundreds of Ukrainians as they make their way to the border to escape increasing violence.

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