65 Funny Life Quotes to Put a Smile on Your Face

Today we live at the crux of many generations. Some of these generations have lived through world wars, the space age, and the rise of computers and technology. Some are still trying to figure out life.

But no matter what generation you belong to, everyone claims that they have the best formula for success and happiness.

50 Funny Life Quotes to Make You Smile

1. Research has shown that laughing for 2 minutes is just as healthy as jogging for 20 minutes. Now I am sitting in the park laughing at the joggers.

2. An employee complained this show is really boring. Boss answered: we are in a Zoom conference, idiot.

3. People are prisoners of their phones, especially the millennials. That is why it is called a cell phone.

4. Tell the millennials that their brain is an app, they will start using it.

5. Many told me that we learn from our mistakes. I decided to make a lot of mistakes to become a genius.