7 High Income Jobs You Can Manage Without a College Education

The cost of college tuition has increased almost 170% since 1982, while over those same forty years, average income for those freshly minted college graduates has barely gone up 20%.  

Meanwhile, a report from Georgetown University shows a college education is more important than ever before to compete in the job market. 

However, did you know you can learn skills to generate six figures without a formal education? Here are seven valuable skills and how you train for them. 


Copywriting is a specialized form of writing intended to sell a product. There are examples of copywriting all over the web. However, if the words are designed to inform, it is a form of copywriting. 

How You Can Use This Skill?

You can use this high-income skill almost anywhere. Good copywriters are few and far between, and if you master this craft, you will never have to worry about money again. Some copywriters make seven-figure incomes merely by getting a percentage of their copy's sales. 

Content Creation/Content Marketing

Content creation or marketing is when you write informative content and sell the content itself or sell advertising on the site you've created content for. Content marketing is actually what many people think of when they picture blogging.