7 Money Moves Couples Can Make to Build a Strong Financial Future

As a newly-engaged couple or newlyweds, you’re probably getting lots of advice from everyone around you. Some of this advice may be solicited, while much is not. 

Well, today, you’re going to get seven more pieces of advice. 

The good news is that it has the power to transform your financial situation. Read on for our top personal finance tips for newlyweds: 

Openly Share Your Entire Financial Situation

Whether you're just engaged and trying to set your wedding budget or just married and saving for your first downpayment, now is the time to come clean about your credit history if you have yet to do so. 

Be Prepared in Case of Emergencies

The best way to protect yourself from unexpected expenses — like a major car repair, a hospital stay, or a stint of unemployment — is to start saving now. 

Pay Yourselves First

This obviously means you'll need to establish a monthly budget for yourselves. It would be best if you had plenty of money left over when you deduct your monthly expenses from your income.