7 Places To Sell Those Beanie Babies You’re Keeping In Your Mom’s Attic

1997 called, and it may be looking to buy your Beanie Babies. Although the secondary market for the beloved plush toys is far from its stratospheric peak over 20 years ago, many sellers still make a comfortable payday from their old collections.

Before you go racing up to your mom’s attic to start liquidating your family collection of Ty plushes, there are a few essential things to understand.

Information and preparation can go a long way, and you need to know how to get the best value and where to sell your Beanie Babies.

It has been a generation since the big Beanie Baby bubble burst back in the late 90s. In what many have called one of the first true internet sensations, the mania that once surrounded these toys seems unfathomable today.

Can You Still Make Money Selling Beanie Babie

The market for buying and selling Beanie Babies has shown some renewed signs of life in the last couple of years, but that doesn’t mean anyone can step in and immediately make a fortune.

Tips for Getting The Best Deals on Your Beanie Babie

There’s more to the value of your Beanie than its name or what some appraisal guide tells you. Like any other collectible, the rarity and condition of what you’re selling matter extensively.

Know What To Look For

Don’t Get Attached To Unreasonable Valuation One thing that the current Beanie Baby market of today has in common with the original frenzy is media outlets and shady appraisers promising baffling resale values.

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7 Places To Sell Your Beanie Babie

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