7 Signs Your Career Is More Successful Than You Thought

For many of us, it’s easy to believe that our careers aren’t going as planned. Maybe your salary is lower than you hoped. Or perhaps your job title isn’t quite as impressive as you planned.

That doesn’t mean your career isn’t successful. There is more to careers than money and titles. In fact, your career may be far more successful than you thought.

Some people work 10 to 12 hours a day, every day. In fact, more than 3/4ths of people experience burnout at work.

Sign #1: You Have a Great Work/Life Balance

If you are learning something new at your job – like a new skill, software product, or way of doing business, that sounds like a great position to be in.

Sign #2: You’re More Talented Than You Were Last Year

If you get along well with your coworkers and maybe even do things with each other outside of work, chances are you work with great people.

Sign #3: Your Coworkers are Your Friend

There aren’t many people who claim to love what they do. According to research, while 65% of people are satisfied with their jobs, only 20% are passionate about them.

Sign #4: You Are Passionate About Your Job

If your boss actively tries to keep you involved at work, that’s a great sign that they value your contributions. For instance, I worked side-by-side with my bosses throughout my career.

Sign #5: You Work With Your Boss, Not Just for Your Bo

Sign #6: You Lose Yourself in Your Work

If you’re not staring at the clock all day waiting for it to strike 5 pm, then you probably enjoy your job enough to get wrapped up in it. During my career, I would routinely lose track of time.

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