7 Travel Destinations You’ve Been Missing Out on During COVID

Consider the latest statistics from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). While international tourist arrivals rose by 4% in 2021, they remained down by a staggering 72% on pre-pandemic levels. 

Thankfully, things are finally beginning to look up. But where exactly is it open? What countries are welcoming tourists? Most important of all, which ones should be at the top of your bucket list? 

Keep reading to discover 7 top travel destinations you’ve been missing out on during the pandemic. 


Having been closed to foreigners since early 2020, Australia finally re-opened its borders to fully-vaccinated travelers on February 21st of this year. 

From the striking red magnificence of Mount Uluru to the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, expect to be enchanted and entertained at every turn on any adventure to the Land Down Under. 

Costa Rica

Sandwiched between Panama and Nicaragua, Costa Rica offers travelers on a budget a little pocket of paradise in Central America. 


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