7 Ways To Save On Back-To-School Shopping

Back-to-school time can be exciting for the kiddos (and even more exciting for you, the parents!), but it can also put a dent in your wallet.

Don't worry. The good news is there are smart ways to save money while getting everything your kids need for the school year. Before you drop hundreds of dollars on school supplies, let's dive into 7 easy-peasy tips:

Grab a pen and paper and list what your kids need for school. Or if you got a list from your school, just bring it. From pencils and notebooks to clothes and shoes. This way, you won't buy stuff you don't need.

Have a Detailed List Before You Go

Use services like CouponCabin and RetailMeNot to find coupons. Also, consider using the Honey browser plugin to apply coupons it knows about at many online retailers automatically.

Hunt for Deals

Don't buy the first thing you see. Check prices at different stores or online before making a decision. And don't assume that everything will be cheaper on Amazon. It's possible that a local store's sale will be cheaper than buying online.

Compare Prices

Take a peek in the closet before you shop. Your kids might have some clothes and supplies that are still good to go for the new school year. No need to buy duplicates!

Shop Your Closet

If you can, buy in bulk. Supplies like pencils, notebooks, and tissues often cost less when you buy them in larger quantities.

Bulk Buying Is Cost-Effective

Instead of going for the latest trends that can be pricey and short-lived, focus on classic styles and versatile pieces. Look for clothing that can be mixed and matched easily, creating different outfits without breaking the bank.

Trends Are Expensive

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