8 Ways a Career Coach Can Supercharge Your Career


To say that a career is a marathon, not a sprint, is an incredible understatement.  

A career is a journey that will likely last half of your life, a marathon of marathons, with more than a few sprints mixed into it. It is a quest replete with highs, lows, and more in between; navigating them all on your own is overwhelming, but that’s where a career coach can help.

8 Things a Career Coach Can Help You Achieve

One of the most fundamental reasons to employ a career coach is to help you figure out what shape you want your career to take. This conundrum is especially common for younger individuals who will soon or have recently finished school.

1. Finding Direction

Whether you’re taking your first baby steps into your career or you’re more established, it’s normal to be unsure of what comes next.

If you know what type of work you want to do but are struggling to break into the world of work in that industry, a career coach can help. Specifically, you should consider a career center or counselor specializing in job search strategies, employability, and interview skills.

2. Landing The Job

Coaches like these can help you fine-tune your resume and cover letter, find the best career fairs, and potentially practice interviewing.

Low confidence can sap your vigor and weigh down your career development. Often, you have the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your most significant career goals, and all you lack is belief in yourself.

3. Building Confidence

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