From Blockbuster Nights to Mixtapes:

10 Nostalgic Experiences from the 80s and 90s That Gen Z Missed Out On

Are there things from the eighties and nineties decades that you remember but today's generation will never know? 

One person online, u/ReddBolt5 asked, “What's something that 80s 90s/ early 2000s people experienced that today's generation does not?”

RealisticDelusions77 answered, “Hearing a song on the radio for years and still not being sure what the lyrics are. Cyndi Lauper's “She Bop,” anyone?”

Never Knowing the Song Lyrics

Phone booths are all but obsolete in today's world. And collect calls came with them. One person, itsricecakes added, “Collect call from: MomI’mAtTheMallComePickMeUp.”

Phone Booths

A_HELPFUL_POTATO answered, “Life without the internet. It just didn't exist in a usable form for most of us until the 90s. And even then, it was reserved for nerds and weirdos until about 1996.”

Life Without the Internet

User doublestitch added, “Without adult supervision.” Sharfin488 continued, “Or drinking from the hose 'cause if you went back inside, you had to stay inside.”

Playing Outside

Another user, Kurds, stated, “All you had to do if you wanted to use the phone was pick up and hold the receiver long enough, and you'd lose the internet connection.”

Dial-up Internet

Redditor just_1_mike voted, “Having their parents intercept their phone calls.” Then, Cloudshaper added, “Intercepting your neighbor's phone calls on your cordless phone.”

Intercepted Calls

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