10 Movies 80s Kids Admitted Traumatized Them Most in Life

I believe we all have a story about being traumatized by a movie or television show scene. Do you have one? Redditor u/Competitive_Bid7071 asked, “80s Kids of Reddit, what movie or episode of a show traumatized you the most?”

Nobody mentioned the Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark scene when the guy's face melts into a bloody skull. Or, most of The Temple of Doom, for that matter. 

As a kid, watching the guy rip a beating heart out of a caged man's chest before lowering him into lava! Yeah, I'm adding those scenes to this list. Nonetheless, according to Reddit, these are the top-voted films and shows with traumatized-you-for-life scenes. 

Queasy-Discount-2038 agreed, “They just left us alone with this horror! An entire traumatized generation.” ADD_OCD said, “Yup. The bunnies being buried alive was horrible for me as a kid.”

Watership Down (1978)

They elaborated, “I was pretty young. I feel like it was an extended version of the video or something. I had the album on tape and played it nonstop, but the video was too much for me then.”

Michael Jackson's Thriller Music Video (1982)

John_SpaGotti admitted, “I saw Neverending Story in the theater. And I was CONVINCED that the wolf was under my seat and spent the entire movie terrified.”

The Neverending Story (1984)

Redditor khogue76 said, “Twilight Zone: The Movie. The goblin thing on the airplane's wing me.” User orangina_it_burns added, “That's a remake of that story too – in the original, the passenger is Bill Shatner!”

Twilight Zone – The Movie (1983)

BigLoveMirage agreed, “For real. Dudley getting touched by the bike shop owner was terrifying.” Marjorine22 admitted, “It creeped me out for years to come.”

Diff'Rent Strokes Episode “The Bicycle Man” (1983)

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