’80s Rock Gods – Where Are They Now?

The '80s were an interesting time in music history. Reagan was in office, MTV shaped pop culture, and “Hair Bands” were all the rage.

Covered in makeup, acid-washed jeans, and huge hair, these musicians ruled the airwaves, but what have they been up to the past four decades, and where are they now?

Vince Neil, of Mötley Crüe fame, began touring as a solo act in 2022 and is also set to join other 80's popular bands on a stadium tour later in the year.

Vince Neil

Mick Jagger

At almost 80 years old, Jagger seems to be keeping young by getting out and keeping his 2.5 million Instagram followers in the loop with his escapades.

Osbourne is still married to his wife, Sharon, and is expecting his first grandchild as his son Jack's wife is pregnant.

Ozzy Osbourne

Sebastian Bach

Bach, whose real name is Sebastian Philip Bierk, ventured out on his own as a solo artist in the late '90s before appearing in multiple reality shows, getting into acting, and writing his autobiography.

Sadly, it's been recently reported that Steven Tyler returned to rehab after relapsing. Hopefully, the time off will allow 74-year-old Tyler to focus on his health.

Steven Tyler

When he's not making music or touring with Bon Jovi, he's leading his charity, Soul Foundation, which provides funding for affordable housing in 11 states.

Jon Bon Jovi

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