9 Clear Signs That You’re About To Get Fired

It’s never easy getting fired from a job (of course), but sometimes, you can predict the inevitable. It may not be a shock if you know what to look for. 

Keep your ears and eyes open at the office. Or if you’re working from home, pay attention during staff meetings and read those emails, especially when they come from upper management. Don’t be caught unaware. Preparation is key. 

You’re on a “Performance Improvement Plan”

Many times, companies will put staff members on a PIP, or Performance Improvement Plan, to establish a track record of underperformance before firing or laying off a staff member. This has happened at many organizations I’ve worked for. It’s a clear sign. 

You’re getting fewer projects assigned to you

If your organization no longer has faith in your ability to do your job, they will probably assign fewer projects to you. They might be hoping that you get bored at work and decide to leave for another job, which would save the company the time and expense (and potential legal trouble) of a layoff. 

You’re no longer invited to participate in meetings

Pay attention to meetings in the office. Do your coworkers seem actively engaged while you’re twiddling your thumbs? Be proactive and address this with your boss if you believe that you’re being left out of important meetings or office work. 

Your performance reviews are less than stellar

One bad performance review may not be enough for your company to fire you, but multiple bad reviews in a row will make it much easier for your organization to replace you.