90+ Apps That Pay You Real Money in 2023

Many people are on their mobile phones for a large portion of the day. Spending too much time online, texting, and scrolling social media may be a fun way to fill the margins of your day, but otherwise serves little purpose.

Instead, why not pass the time using apps that will actually pay you money? If you're playing on your phone anyway, you may as well make a few bucks while you're at it.

Cash 'em All allows users to sign up and start playing games to earn virtual coins. Then, you can cash in your coins for a PayPal transfer or gift card.

Cash'em All

Be Frugal boasts that they make earning easy because they don't make you first earn points or rewards. So add the extension to your Chrome browser and start shopping.

Be Frugal

Karma provides great technology and flexibility to shop smarter, helping you avoid those unnecessary impulse buys while saving you time and money. Easily save on all your favorite things in 50k+ stores.


Not only does the Cash Freely app help you find the best cashback credit card, but it also teaches you how to earn the most credit card points possible.

Cash Freely

Whaff is an Android app available in the Google Play Store. Play games, take math quizzes, win trivia games, and earn Whaff rewards you can redeem for fabulous prizes.


DoorDash hires users to make food deliveries for customers. Most report that they make up to $25 an hour. If you don't mind driving and picking up orders, this might be an easy side hustle.


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