Nostalgic Delights:

10 Fantastic Throwbacks To Reignite Your Love for The 90s

When you reflect on your childhood, what do you remember most? 

Someone on a popular online forum recently asked, “What's something you can bring up right now to unlock some childhood nostalgia for the rest of us?” The internet responded, and these were the top-voted responses. 

The Price Is Right

One commenter stated that watching The Price Is Right while sick at home is a favorite memory of theirs. Another added that they loved to watch the game show with their grandmother. 

TV Guide Channel

The TV Guide Channel was a standout favorite amongst commenters. Back in the day, you'd have to sit and watch as the channels slowly scrolled by so you could see what was on. 

Fake Strawberry Erasers

One person recalled an eraser that looked and smelled like a strawberry. Other mentions included Foohey Monkey Head erasers, Smencils, scented highlighters, and fruit stickers. 


DVDs and streaming are cool, but nothing beats the sound of a VHS tape clicking away in the player.  

Candy Necklaces

As long as you didn't get a taste of the nasty string holding the piece together, you were in for sugary heaven.

Scholastic Book Fairs

One person remembered laying awake at night trying to decide what books to get. They would read the catalog over and over trying to decide which titles they wanted. 

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