How To Master the Locavore Lifestyle

A locavore is someone who prioritizes consuming locally sourced food. This supports nearby farmers, reduces your carbon footprint, and guarantees fresher, more flavorful meals.  

What Is a Locavore and Why Should You Become One?

Eating Locally Benefits Your Health, Community, and Environment

Find and Support Local Farmers in Your Area

Visit markets near you to discover fresh and local products. You can also join Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) by signing up for a CSA subscription to receive regular deliveries of local goods. 

Eating Locally Through The Seasons Can Be Challenging

Solutions involve seasonal preservation methods like canning or freezing, supporting indoor hydroponic farms, and embracing resilient crops. 

Planning and Preparing Meals With Local Ingredients Is Fulfilling

Take the opportunity to experiment with recipes, adapting your favorite dishes to incorporate the bounty of local produce.  

Learn How To Preserve and Store Local Foods for Later Use

Learn How To Grow Your Food at Home or in a Community Garden

Learn How To Reduce Food Waste and Compost Your Scraps

Start by planning meals, buying only what you need, and using leftovers creatively. Composting kitchen scraps reduces landfill waste and enriches your garden's soil. 

Learn How To Save Money and Budget for Eating Local