A Blizzard Canceled Your Christmas Vacation. Are You Insured?


Is the cost of travel insurance worth it? 

You've packed your bags, confirmed your reservations, and asked your neighbor to keep an eye on the house while you're gone. While you may feel confident you've done everything possible to have a great Christmas vacation, you may be overlooking unforeseen circumstances that could ruin everything.  You may want to consider travel insurance.

Coverage and Benefits Can Vary

Travel insurance covers a range of financial losses you might sustain during your travels. It protects you from a potpourri of untimely events, from small annoyances to life-threatening calamities that could befall you on the road.

A policy might cover medical emergencies, evacuations, trip interruptions, cancellations, ‘Act of God' events.

You May Have Coverage and Not Know It

In some cases, you could have travel insurance available to you through your homeowners, renters, or health insurance policies. It's an excellent idea to familiarize yourself with what your various policies cover. 

Pay special attention to limitations and exclusions. If you find your policies have significant limitations or exclusions you'd like underwritten, consider a supplemental travel insurance policy that only covers these items.

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