Real Estate Investing – From a Reader’s Perspective

How does someone decide to real estate investing? Ask me, it is just like starting a personal finance blog. You just do it. I share this beacuse a huge personal finance subject happens to be real estate investing.

Where does anyone learn about money?

These are the people who provide examples for most of what you do and know. Thankfully, both of my parents were gifted with money. Unfortunately, they were not even close to wealthy. We relied on sound financial management.

My start with life and money

I started my first job, which was not really “speech/language” related. Rather it focused more on helping the elderly/medically fragile in the nursing home setting with cognitive issues and swallowing disorders.

Finances after college

I attended a private Catholic university for graduate school, so tuition was much more expensive. Throw in that scholarship options are much sparser for graduate school, and you're looking at heavy loans.

Real Estate: Starting Out

I decided to change my job and gain more clinical experience. This meant moving 30-40 minutes south. We decided to purchase a house to build equity. We chose an area with low taxes that was relatively close to the new job.

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