A Grown Up’s Guide to ‘James Bond’

Perhaps the most famous spy in history, James Bond first made his debut in 1953 with writer Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale

Since then, 007 has appeared in numerous novels, short stories, and movies spanning several decades, with multiple actors taking up the tuxedo and Walther PPK over the years. 

Here is a grown-up’s complete guide to the James Bond film series and everything you need to know about each movie. 

Dr. No

The movie isn't very memorable aside from gifting audiences with that iconic Bond theme music and 007’s signature introductory line, “Bond, James Bond.” Given it was the first movie to showcase the suave, tuxedo-clad Sean Connery in the role, it remains famous to this day. 

From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love is a vast improvement from the earlier Dr. No. Connery’s Bond managed to ditch the colder, bullying persona taken from the original Bond novels, instead portraying 007 as far more likable and engaging a protagonist that audiences can actually root for. 


Goldfinger is the film that established the series itself as a global phenomenon, earning various awards (including an Oscar for Best Sound Editing) and winning huge numbers at the box office.