‘A Man Called Otto’ Is the Feel-Good Movie of The Year


A Man Called Otto is sneaking in right at the end of the year to give us the feel-good movie of the year that we all need. 

Everyone goes through hard times in their lives, but it is the people around us, and the way we handle them, that makes life truly worth living. That is the main message of Tom Hanks’ new film.

Overall Thoughts

It should come as no surprise that Tom Hanks is absolutely phenomenal in the role. The way he delivers Otto's lines with a straight face is perfect. He makes it easy to love this man who clearly hates so much in his life.

An Incredible Cast

Throughout the film we also see flashbacks of Otto’s life, learning how he met his wife and the hardships that he has gone through.

His life is relatable, and it also helps audiences to understand why he is the way he is. Hank’s real life son, Truman Hanks in his acting debut, plays this younger version of himself, and it is clear that he takes after his father when it comes to the acting genes.

However, even with two Hanks in the film, it is Mariana Treviño that is the star. She holds her own opposite Hanks as Marisol, even stealing quite a few scenes from him. Marisol is a sweetheart who is also unafraid to tell it like it is.

It is impossible not to smile whenever she is on the screen. She is the much-needed light through the darkest moments of the movie. While she is incredible throughout the entire movie, there is a monologue toward the end that proves her performance is not just a fluke – she is extremely talented.

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