Review: ‘Abbott Elementary’ Revives the Workplace Mockumentary

As we’re all too aware,  the COVID-19 pandemic we must navigate has pulled any normalcy out from under our feet for the past two-plus years. 

That’s why ABC’s new sitcom Abbott Elementary is a welcome introduction to our television screens. The show follows the teachers and inept principal of Abbott Elementary—a struggling public school in the inner city of Philadelphia—who are trying their best to rectify the systematic failures of the school. 

But perhaps none are trying harder to salvage the goodness of the elementary school than the idealist second-grade teacher Janine Teagues (Quinta Brunson). 

Frankly, we all need a good laugh at the absurdity surrounding an institution with flimsy infrastructure and a lack of effective leadership. As it feels all too familiar. 

Abbott Elementary is especially timely considering the way teachers and students have been neglected during the pandemic. 

From growing fatigue to low salaries, many teachers have considered quitting the field entirely according to an article in The Washington Post.