When Vader Stopped Luke Killing the Emperor, Was Something Else Going On?

We know how this played out; Luke and Vader fought, Luke dealt Vader a mortal blow (or did the force lightning finish him off?), Palpatine attempted to kill Luke, and Vader finally made up his mind about where his loyalties lay and saved Luke.

But what if, when Vader stopped Luke's strike, it was not to save his master, Palpatine, but to stop Luke from taking that final step to the Dark Side?

As is commonly considered, the Emperor goaded Luke into raising his lightsaber against him, and in doing so this action caused Vader to intervene with his own lightsaber and save the Emperor's life.

This was all part of the Emperor's plan. He wanted Luke to give into the dark side of the Force, to help Luke let the hate flow through him.

Once he had dispatched his Father, Luke would have succumbed to Palpatine's influence as Anakin had some twenty-odd years ago.

Luke already appears to have been heading down that path…

He's started to wear black. He's slowly becoming part machine due to his dark daddy cutting off his arm, and earlier in the film, he Force chokes a couple of Gammorean Guards at Jabba's Palace. So he's ripe for the turning right?

What do you think? Was Vader stopping Luke from falling to the dark side when he prevented Luke from striking down the Emperor?

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