15 Addictions the World Has Accepted as Ok

Redditor u/mjkn01 asked, “What is an addiction that the world has accepted as ok?” Over 27,000 people weighed in, and even more upvoted the nominations.

So here are the top-voted addictions the internet's deemed the world is alright denying.

Redditor jrtts agreed and added, “I had to scroll down this far for this!?"

Adult Films – 8.9K

Celebrity Worship – 9.1K

Vegetable-Walk-6393 answered, “Celebrities. I've never understood being obsessed with someone who is no different than you.”

A Redditor posted, “Borrowing money and convincing oneself it'll be fine later.” Chelbaz stated, “I am still feeling the punchline on this joke, 15 years later and counting.”

Borrowing Money You Can't Pay Back Easily – 11.6K

Video Games – 14.5K

MazerRakam said, “I'm sitting here playing video games on my computer, drinking Dr. Pepper, hitting my vape pen, and checking Reddit on my phone.”

ABashfulTurnip said, “Work, I know some people that straight up can't imagine their life where they don't put aside everything for their job as their culture has told them they are only worth something while earning money. It can get unhealthy very fast.”

Work – 15.7K

Social Validation – 15.8K

UnknownL_13 volunteered, “The need for social validation. I've seen it happen to so many people whose lives turn into the obsession of acting or looking perfect.”

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